Hello, My name is Cyril Pereira and I am an professional artist

Cyril is your radical painter, where The Masters inspire him to create works of art as yet another swan song, until they inspire him next to another swan song. A passion compels him, and it is the passion that propels him to create on canvas. The canvas is his universe in flux; the ideas that unfold gives life to this universe that is always in flux.

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What other say

His fascination for The Hyper-Realistic style equals his brilliance in all the other styles. From that moment in 2013, when he discovered the mysteries that drawing with pencils evoked, to the moment in 2017, when he mastered advanced drawing techniques, the learning was a sacrosanct work-in-process. As learning usually is. Today, he holds a simple vision to his heart: that you empathize with the soul that he creates on canvas, and that you taste the fruits of the earth he has created as a painting, and that you exalt the eternal nature of an invisible God in his rendering of a landscape, or of an awesome glory of a setting sun, or of Life itself inside a desolate house set in the lap of nature.